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Aldiss Park Bowls green looking good, as always! Aldiss Park Bowls green looking good, as always!


If you have any symptoms which may be
Covid-19 you are not to go to the club

Please read carefully, it is very important
that we all stick to the rules

1. The day has been divided into timed slots for play. Each slot is 1.5
hours and play should be for 1 hour leaving time for preparation
and tidying up at the end of the session.

2. Please arrive promptly for your session and leave as soon as you
can afterwards. It should work like this:
For 1000hr slot arrive no more than 10min before.
You should be ready to play at 1000hr.
Finish playing at 1100hr, Leave by 1115hr at the latest so the
1130 booking arrives to an empty club from 1120 onwards.

3. Two rinks will be open for any one slot. They will be well apart
— eg rinks 1 and 4. Rotation of rinks will mean all the green will
be used and no ‘favoured’ rinks will be overused.
The EBA direction of play will also be used.

4. Players for each rink may be solo for practice, two people from
the same household or two people observing strict distancing
rules. No scoreboards will be allowed. If you wish to score, cards
are available in the club hut.

Note: If you feel uncomfortable playing/practising with other
people present, Victoria will try to accommodate you with a time
when you have sole use of the green and the club.

5. Seven slots a day can be accommodated starting at 1000hr and
the last slot starting at 1900hr.

6. Please wash your hands before and after play.

7. Equipment will be in the club hut, all other buildings will be
closed apart from the toilets. Equipment available will be mats
and cots and the step. Set the cot rather than cast it
and have
one cot either end of the rink. One person to set the mat and cot
(under opponents direction if it’s not their turn).
Pushers are not allowed, kick the bowls in at the finish of an end.
Do not handle the other person’s bowls.
It is up to individual players how much cleaning and sanitising
they do, but please wash the cots at the beginning and end of
the session
(toilet sinks can be used and washing up liquid is
supplied). The towels have been removed from the toilets. If you
feel you need one, bring your own.
Suggest whoever unlocks the gate and the club hut gets the
equipment out and returns it and locks up. Take care after locking
the outside gate when you leave — wipes or hand gel a good

8. The kitchen must not be opened. Bring your own drinks or use
the tap outside the kitchen. No bins will be available so take
home any rubbish including any used score cards.

9. There will be no roll-up fees for play.

Booking will be via Victoria — 01362 655046 between 10am
and 1pm if possible

You will be allocated a day and time to suit as far as possible,
plus a rink number.
You can only bowl if you have a booked time and no visitors or
spectators are allowed.
Please don’t bowl unofficially as if this
happens we will have to close the green.
You may book for up to a week ahead

11. If you have not paid your membership fee yet but wish to play,
speak to Victoria and it can be sorted out.
New members, again speak to Victoria.

A lot of rules but we need to make this work in the best way we can
and we rely on our members to follow the rules and make it a good
experience for everyone.


Welcome to Aldiss Park Bowls Club

Aldiss Park Bowls Club is situated on the eastern fringe of the mid-Norfolk town of Dereham.

The club resides on the same site as Dereham Town Football Club, at Aldiss Park, Norwich Road, Dereham, NR20 3PX.

We are a very friendly mixed outdoor club with around 80 members, which includes 30 ladies. We have 9 teams playing in 7 leagues and we also play a good number of friendly matches each season. We hold roll-ups most Wednesday and Sunday afternoons at 2.00pm. Members and non-members are always very welcome to participate. 

We actively encourage beginners and coaching is available during the season. No need for your own bowls, as we can provide initially, just wear a thick pair of socks. 

We also hold many social events throughout the season, including Quiz Nights, Fish and Chips Bowls Drive, and a Summer Garden Party.  We also enjoy bowling abroad and for the last few years a group from Aldiss Park has spent time bowling in Cyprus.

So as you can see, we offer much more than your ordinary bowls club. 

Don't hesitate, come along and give us a look, or for more information please contact Anita Smith on  01362 697574 or Club Secretary - Victoria Osborne.